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Genesis for an idea

SendTheEnterprise.org was started by James Knochel in August, 2010. The catalyst was in thinking about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

One of my emails suggested that “the Nuclear Navy” needed to be in charge of the response in the gulf. I spent many hours reading about the U.S. Navy’s use of nuclear reactors. Most of the U.S. Navy’s ships are actually powered by oil. The only nuclear ships are the dozens of submarines, the 10 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, and the USS Enterprise.

After 60 days had passed in the gulf, the oil was still flowing freely. I typed up my proposal and tested it on kuro5hin.org, the web’s original collaborative-media site.

BP was finally able to put a temporary cap on their well. But disasters happen all the time, and I started thinking about ‘what else’ a repurposed USS Enterprise would be good for.


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